HOUSTON Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt was delivering pizzas Monday to promote his foundation, which is dedicated to children who may not have the same opportunities he did.

Due to lack of funding, due to budget cuts, things like that. So I want to give back. I want to find an opportunity to give those kids a chance and that s what we have done, said the Texans Defensive End.

The JJ Watt Foundation is partnering with Papa John s pizza, which will donate 10% of its sales every Tuesday throughout the upcoming football season.

Obviously there s a lot of Tuesdays in the season and they have a lot of stores in the region. So that s a whole lot of money and that s gonna help a whole lot of kids, said Watt.

Number 99 will be making surprise deliveries himself to some lucky customers. It s a job he used to have back in the day, now bringing him full circle and face to face with his fans that look up to him.

If I need a little side job during the off season, I can take care of that too, joked Watt.

His foundation has raised more than $1 million so far.

Plenty of research that shows that if a child has something to do after school like sports, they do better in the classroom. They perform better academically and they pay more attention, so that s always a plus.

Watt delivered pizzas to KHOU to help promote the partnership with Papa John s.

The way that Houston s embraced me and the way that this city has embraced me, I m so grateful and I m so thankful, Watt said. I hope that I make them proud with everything they do and that s always my goal.

So order away because, who knows, you could have a 6 5 , 289 lb. pizza delivery man at your door.

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