A Utah woman who grew up in Houston is suffering after the loss of her 3-year-old son. She is choosing to use social media to share that experience.

Becoming a parent changes you, birth is bliss, but the death of a child something only those who have suffered can truly understand.

It was just complete shock. There is no preparing for anything like that, said lifelong friend Carli Webb.

It began with a terse post on Facebook, Veronica McCorkle Andrew is a prolific poster there.

When I first read her first post, Our son drowned. He is brain dead. I had to look at it three or four times before I could say this is a real post, said Brande Nester, a mother who is connected on Facebook to Andrew.

Too real.

Since Saturday afternoon Veronica, who grew up Houston, has bared her soul as she tries to cope with the loss of her three year old boy.

Turning off the ventilator. Getting ready to harvest his organs. God, please be near us. Please wrap him in your arms and hold him for me. I don't know if I can survive, says an early post from her.

How would you react?

I can t look at pictures of him right now because it literally hurts my chest, said another post.

Most people would not likely react so publically posting everything online.

I know it is not logical but I don t want to eat and drink I don t want to do anything that sustains my body and keeps me alive, Because I feel like I should be punished, said another post of Veronica s.

Carli Webb has known Veronica since they were kids, knows plenty about parental grief too, If you are left alone in that there is no way you can handle it, Webb said.

Veronica was by her side when she lost her 4 year old son Liam to Cancer last fall that is why Webb understands the how and the why, It is like mourning with those who mourn. They are not just sad they want to do something, Webb said.

It is impacting hundreds as the post spread online, even those who don't know her well, like Houston mother Brande Nester.

To read that and to know that a mother was grieving again was something that completely broke my heart, said nester.

It is just wanting to get any kind of good out of it that possibly can come out of it. We want there to be good, Webb added.

Within that grief there are moments of joy. One of those being when Garrett's organs were donated. His Kidney's specifically came here to Houston giving new life to a 30 year old.

She had been just beside herself. But as soon as she found that out she smiled for the first time. You could just feel such joy. Knowing that those were viable and could save somebody else, said Webb who was with Veronica by then.

Her post read, Although she is not a child, she is someone s child, they have been praying for a miracle and it happened this morning. As I think back on the hell that the last 48 hours have been, my heart is bursting with gratitude that something good came out of this. My baby lives on.

Garrett lives on not just with his organs, but in minds, in actions, in posts like this, from a Houston pediatric Nurse, I am more aware of what a grieving family needs. I am personally a better nurse, a more compassionate childhood friend, and definitely a better mother. Thank you.

I think that she is incredibly trusting. I think that she has taught a lot of people about themselves, said Tera Skeen who is the nurse who wrote that post and a friend of Veronica.

You can take care of people so much better if you know mentally what they need, said Skeen. I think that she has probably done a lot of good.

Whether that is making people think about just being more caring, using extra safety around the pool, or signing organ donation cards.

Garrett's impact much greater than his years, from his mother s keystrokes.

I don t think that she realizes at all. I think that is how she has always been, said Skeen.

No one escapes grief. Many choose privacy. Veronica Andrew is not.

Click here to visit Andrew's Facebook page.

Click here to donate to Garrett Andrew's fund to help pay for funeral expenses.

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