FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas Two kayakers found a body in the Brazos River just north of Rosenberg Tuesday afternoon. Investigators say it s a white male, but they re not releasing any other details.
The line of Fort Bend County Sheriff s Deputies interrupted the quiet of a dead end street near the river.
We never see police back here, hardly ever, said neighbor Robert Palacios.
But what they were investigating is much more disturbing to neighbors.
You don t walk out your back door and find a body. That s not good, Don McFarland said.
The body was found behind a home on Rustic Road around 12:45 p.m.
Hopefully, it s nobody we knew, said Palacios. I wish I could say it s nobody at all, but hopefully nobody from the neighborhood.
Investigators don t believe it s anyone who lived on the property, but they have not identified the victim. They won t know the cause of death until an autopsy is done.
The Fort Bend County Sheriff s Office says they can t tell yet how long the body was in the river.
Neighbors say this could be a reminder of the dangers of getting too close to any river.
I ve stopped kids from over here, I used to catch them trying to come across my property because I have a good bank, but I don t want to be responsible, said McFarland.
Hopefully they find out what really happened and God bless everybody that s involved, Palacios added.

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