KATY, Texas -- It s not what you would expect to see outside your front door, but for residents in the Oak Park Trails subdivision, a 3-foot alligator was the not-so-welcome visitor.

A man walking out of his home at 3 a.m. Tuesday, spotted the scaly creature at the end of his driveway and called for help. For an hour, the frightened alligator hid underneath a car, until the game warden and pest control were able to safely capture him.

They can see. They know what s going on in this neighborhood. They have been living here a lot longer than we have. We just moved into their territory, said Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control.

The game warden said it s a lesson, especially after a heavy rain, alligators will climb out of these bayous looking for food.

Well there s other things on his tasty list to eat like your household cat. It could be a bucket of fried chicken left out. I mean they even know when garbage day is. They have a biological clock just like you and me, said Griffin. We don t have eight pound or ten pound bass sitting in the bayou. We just have catfish. You know so they re limited on what they re gonna eat.

Michelle Wentworth jogs along the bayou daily and has never seen an alligator.

Of course, it would scare me, if it comes after me. But I think I would see something that big crawling out of the bayou, said Wentworth.

And as long as alligators are looking for food outside the bayous -- nearby communities could be at risk.

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