UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas -- The Universal City Police determined the mutilated cats found Monday were attacked by a coyote.

Universal City man finds family cat mutilated Monday morning

Our investigation has shown the death of the three cats was caused by a coyote. We will be sending an alert to Universal City residents advising them of the situation. We urge residents to keep their pets indoors. In conjunction with animal control, we are looking at options to address the coyote issue, Lt. Fernando Parra said in a statement.

Originally Universal City Police said the three cat bodies looked like they'd been attacked by a human.

It doesn't seem to be animal related. It appears to be done on purpose by a person, Parra said.

Anthony Schniedier's cat was one of the three cats found.

The way the skin was pulled away there were no chew marks, Schneider said. Usually an animal will maul everything and never out in the open. They will drag it somewhere where they can eat it in peace.

Two cats found mutilated in Universal City.

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