FORT WORTH, Texas The basement of Travis Avenue Baptist Church will take weeks to restore.

Hallways, classrooms, and audio/video rooms in the facility at 800 West Berry Street all took on water Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon, dozens of exhaust fans hummed while workers tore out damaged wall board.

We had three or four inches of water in here, said the Rev. Michael Dean.

That's three or four inches times 10,000 square feet.

Water pouring through an air vent filled up a basement bathroom thigh-high, and caused the ceiling to collapse. On the first floor of the pre-school building, water rushed in from the parking lot when a storm drain couldn't handle the load.

Within a matter of minutes, we had probably a hundred church members swarm the place, Dean said. [They] helped push water out, put furniture up.

Dean said they had to scramble to accommodate about 800 kids for Vacation Bible School. Fortunately, the children were already gone Tuesday afternoon when the floodwaters arrived.

Glad for rain, Dean said. Just wish it would have gone into lakes and not into our building.

The church building was the only one hit. The Wal-Mart food store across the West Berry Street was still closed Wednesday afternoon after several inches of water got inside.

Further west on Park Hill Avenue, water rushed into The WineHaus, then brought down the ceiling on the second floor. The building was a mess.

Landscaping crews spent Wednesday morning sprucing up the West 7th development after water rose more than knee-deep on some streets before quickly retreating Tuesday afternoon.

Parked cars near the intersection of Crockett and Morton streets rocked like boats in waves caused by higher-clearance trucks that drove through the water.

A Fort Worth city spokeswoman said storm drains worked as expected, but they're not designed to handle so much water in so short a time.


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