MISSOURI CITY, Texas The Missouri City Police officer, who was forced to jump off a bridge to avoid being hit by a car, is talking about what happened.

I thought in my head maybe I should just sit on the edge, said Officer Kenneth Lewis. But I swear I heard God s voice say Go For it because what I found out later is the vehicle when it hit it came onto the rail I would have been run over.

It was mid-May; Lewis said the driver was being pulled over for not properly passing a disabled car just after midnight in the 7200 block of State Highway 6.

He had only been with the department for less than three months and was riding with his field training officer (FTO) when they made the stop.

Moments after pulling over the driver, the dash camera video captured the loud crash, screech and the police cruiser being pushed into the stopped car.

In the video, Lewis can be seen leaping over the edge.

I remember thinking I m not touching anything with my feet, said Lewis. That s when I realized oops and I don t remember the impact but I remember looking up and worrying about my partner.

His partner was fine.

Lewis was rushed to the hospital with plenty of broken bones and required a stent in his heart.

So I ve got everything from a cardiologist to visit to ortho doctors to lung doctor the whole nine yards, he joked.

Even though one of Lewis pet peeves is drunk driving, he has no ill will towards Christie Biggers.

She s the elementary school physical education teacher charged with intoxication assault in this case.

I m forgiving towards her, he said. I don t have no animosity against her.

Lewis plans to be back at work as soon as he can, even if it means doing desk duty.

For now, he s recovering and preparing to celebrate his 40th birthday on Saturday with his wife and three children.

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