HOUSTON -- Heavy downpours and flash flooding have caused major problems for our roads, parks, bayous, and especially for the wildlife in our area.

Animals get washed out of their dens. So you know you may have animals in your yard that you didn t have before, said Michelle Shannon, with the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Sometimes the moms are forced to leave their babies behind at least temporarily.

A local group is happy to take in whatever someone may find and provides shelter and a place for animals to recover.

He suffered some minor injury and then you know wasn t able to go with the rest of the pack, said Terry Garner, with the Texas Wildlife Rehab Center, as she held a coyote pup. First thing we would do with these little guys is to make sure they get hydrated. He came in quite cold so we don t want them to be hypothermic before we start any treatment.

In the last few days, people have brought in all kinds of animals like birds, raccoons and coyote pups.

They (raccoons) can be in trees. The trees can fill with water. They can be in gutters and the gutters start filling up, said Garner.

A baby skunk was also brought in with fluid inside its lungs and needed special care. A fawn had an injured leg and was given an X-Ray.

Just collect it wearing gloves. Put in a box and keep it warm, dry and quiet and get it to a wildlife facility as soon as possible, said Shannon.

With more rain expected, it can only get worse for animals, wildlife officials warn. If you find an animal, take it to the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The main goal is to bring the animals back to health and released into the wild.

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