HOUSTON -- A community in the Heights is celebrating a neighborhood victory after a couple saw something odd and took action.

It happened around 10:20 a.m. Wednesday in the 1300 block of Cortlandt Street.

Bob Weber and his wife were enjoying a routine morning when she noticed two young men who didn t belong.

The teenagers scaled their neighbor s fence and had walked up to the balcony. According to witnesses, the teens were carrying a walkie-talkie and duct tape.

They had the guts to climb over the fence and get into the yard, said Bob Weber. I could obviously tell they were young.

His wife called their next door neighbor right away to alert him of what was happening.

He was home watching TV and didn t notice the teenagers outside his home.

She said, you ve got people on your balcony? Have you got workers today? I said, no, explained homeowner John Arnold. There were two young men on the balcony obviously up to no good.

The teens realized that they had been spotted and tried to escape.

The Webers weren t about to let that happen.

Bob Weber took off on foot, and his wife took off in the car.

We went in different directions, recalled Weber. We were just sort of reacting to gut anger.

The couple tried to block the back alley from each end.

I tried to grab the smaller of the two, and he twisted away, and they started running, said Weber.

More neighbors began taking notice and calling for help.

The older guy was chasing the younger guy, and they were trading punches, said Michael Stencel, who happened to be driving down 13th Street. I didn t know what to think. I knew this can t be good.

Weber got more help in restraining one of the teens from two joggers passing by.

The two joggers, that were probably my age, corralled him. They held their arms together, and they trapped him, said John Arnold.

It was a team effort to detain the teenager, who is a student at nearby Reagan High School.

His partner in crime was later spotted hiding behind a neighbor s house.

The boys have been charged with evading arrest and criminal trespass. Authorities have not identified them because they are being charged as juveniles.

Houston Independent School District confirms Reagan High was put on lockdown while deputies with Harris County Precinct One Constable s Office responded.

Neighbors are praising everybody who jumped into action, especially the Webers, who were quick to take a stand.

I volunteered to buy both of them superhero capes, said neighbor Ronald Reed. We watch out for the neighbors, and they watch out for us.

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