HOUSTON -- A KHOU 11 News photographer helped a family Friday who were forced out of their home by an uninvited guest a snake!

We found a mother and daughter outside their apartment in the 5200 block of Baton Rouge Street near Lockwood and Kelley Street.

I ve been sitting here since 3:45 p.m. watching that snake, said Odesia Birden.

Her mom Faye Lundy was watching it too.

He came out like he was trying to get out but he couldn t get nowhere out so he ducked his head back in, Lundy explained.

Animal control told them it could take up to 24 hours for help to arrive after multiple calls to Houston Police.

All three times they said we are aware of your situation but unless it bites you there s nothing we can do, Birden recalled from the phone call. I called the fire department and they told me the same thing.

Birden is disabled and in a cast. Lundy is in a wheelchair

One guy told us he don t know what to tell us, said Lundy.

Since they were only armed with a cell phone, the pair decided to make one more call.

I called you, said Birden. I had nowhere else to turn.

When we got there a few hours later, we found the snake wrapped around a curtain rod.

That s when KHOU photographer Marcelino Juarez, we call him Mars for short, put down his camera and pulled out some gloves.

It only took a minute for Mars to get what appeared to be a rat snake and put it back where it belongs.

We on our way, said Lundy. We appreciate you guys coming out here.

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