HOUSTON -- Charlie George, 64, is pretty well-known in the tight-knit neighborhood on Azalea in Garden Oaks. He makes his rounds and gets his exercise every day by walking around the block with his two dogs and cat in tow.

He's done so much for the neighborhood that people don't even know about, said neighbor Shellye Arnold.

But the last three years, Charlie's walks have gotten harder after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

He was having a hard time and he was standing and the rest of his family was walking, said Arnold.

George was having difficulty completing his daily walks so neighbors stepped in to help.

They ve brought us meals and checked on our house. They come to the hospital. We have a great neighborhood here, said George.

Neighbors Shellye Arnold and her partner Tina came up with a creative idea to help Charlie s walks get a little easier. They placed chairs with signs that read Chairs for Charlie. Soon more neighbors did the same.

We saw the first chair and we were like wow! And then we saw another one. It s like, oh my God, all these chairs. Can you believe this Charlie, said Sandra George, Charlie s wife.

George was touched to know his neighbors were so thoughtful.

When I saw that, you know it makes you want to cry. Yeah that really brought it to a head. To know people really care about me, said George.

There are 15 chairs for Charlie on Azalea Street.

So you can drive around or walk around and see all the chairs with a sign out just to welcome Charlie or anyone else that s in need of a rest, said neighbor Georgia Lister.

His legs may be weak, but the love he feels from his neighbors gives him the strength to keep walking.

I love them, and I couldn t do it without them and I really appreciate it, said George.

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