AUSTIN, Texas -- The Texas Civil Rights Project has filed a lawsuit against several Travis County law enforcement agencies. It claims officers and prosecutors unlawfully eavesdropped on phone calls between inmates in the Travis County Jail and their attorneys.

The suit is filed against the Travis County Sheriffs Department, the telephone vendor Securus Technologies, the Travis County Attorney's Office and the District Attorney's Office.

The Texas Civil Rights Project thinks prosecutors have been listening in on recorded conversations between defense attorneys and inmates for at least a year.They believe its been happening across the board, in all types of cases.

At this point, the TCRP doesn't know how many officers and prosecutors were involved.They say it's mind blowing that such a brazen violation would be happening in this day and age.

Having confidential communication between attorneys and clients is one of the most fundamental rights in our legal system, said TCRP attorney Brian McGiverin. The system we have doesn't work without it. An attorney cant do their job wothout confidentiality of communications.

McGiverin said this all came to light when some prosecutors acted in a away that revealed they had information they couldn't have possibly had without monitoring calls.

He says other prosecutors gave recordings to defense attorneys by accident when they asked for evidence.

Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg emailed KVUE News and said prosecutors did not record jail calls between inmates and defense attorneys.

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