HOUSTON A woman was taken to the hospital in stable condition after being struck by a bullet during a drive-by shooting Saturday night in southeast Houston.

Police said it happened around 9:30 p.m. near Minnesota Street and Regal Street.

I was in shock, I m still in shock, said victim, Nora Arriaga.

Arriaga said she can t forget what happened. It s impossible to forget how close she came.

I was thinking they were going to kill me, said Arriaga.

She was visiting a friend and had stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. The chidren had just walked inside; their toys still in the front yard. There s a church right next door.

I see them with a gun, and suddenly they start shooting me, Arriaga said.

There were nine shots in just 20 seconds. The bullets tore through the wrought-iron door and the front door. Some bullet holes also inside the house. One bullet even shattered the oven.

The drive-by shooter struck Arriaga once in the leg. A second bullet grazed her left cheek leaving behind a bruise under her left eye.

I m thanking God I have an angel, said Arriaga. The paramedics said you re lucky you have a little angel watching over you.

Houston Police haven t uncovered a motive, but the teenage boy who lives here said Nora was never the target.

They re looking for me, said Rudy Anguiano. They want me dead for sure.

He blames gang violence in the southeast Houston neighborhood. So do his neighbors.

Every weekend you hear gunshots you know, said one neighbor who didn t want to show his face on camera. They don t have the guts to fight hand in hand so they do drive-bys, and they hit an innocent person.

And now that innocent woman lives in fear. It happened so fast. No one got a suspect description, so whoever did this is still out there.

I m scared for my safety and my kids safety, said Arriaga. I m scared to go to the store in case they do something to my kids.

If you have any information about this crime, you re asked to call Houston Police or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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