HOUSTON Houston police are searching for a suspect who stole a car from outside a daycare while a 7-year-old child was in the back seat.

The little boy was asleep inside a blue Toyota Corolla in front of the Little Bo Peep Daycare in the 1900 block of Evergreen Drive around 7 a.m. His mother left the vehicle running while she took her younger child inside the center. While she was gone, a man hopped into the vehicle and drove away with the boy, police said.

I seen the lady who works there running hysterically down the street and so after she made the corner, I came out and the mom came out and said My child is in the car, my child is in the car, and then after that, chaos happened, Frank Cordova said.

The suspect dropped the boy off four blocks away. A good Samaritan saw the frightened child all alone and crying in the street and went over to help.

I heard a car door, actually two, and then I looked outside and saw the little boy standing on the curb crying so I came out to talk to him and he just said some man dropped him off. And he was disoriented and didn t know what was going on, Jesse Martinez said. Apparently he was asleep in the back seat so when the guy the guy woke him up to just get out of the car, that is all he really remembered. I asked him if he knew the guy or if his mom knew the guy and he said no.

Police returned the boy to the daycare, where he was reunited with his mother. The car was also found a short while later.

People were relieved that the boy was safe, but are still worried because the kidnapper/ car thief is still on the streets.

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