HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS -- State troopers say they are working with the District Attorney's office to come up with appropriate charges against a truck driver who admitted to causing a crash that killed a little boy.

9-year-old Zachery Prill of Cypress was killed Friday afternoon when an 18-wheeler slammed into his mother's silver Kia on Highway 290 and Grand Parkway.

The boy's mother and sister remain in the hospital in serious condition.

You couldn't even see anything; it was just metal and blood, said Christen Sheffield, who witness the truck hitting the car.

She says the truck driver was actually the first person who tried to help rescue the family.

He jumped out of the cab of the truck and got the fire extinguisher out and he ran to put the fire out, said Sheffield. A lot of people pulled over and jumped out of their cars, running with fire extinguishers to help.

She believes the mother and daughter involved in the crash may have died had the truck driver and other drivers not put out the fire before rescue crews arrived.

They were not trained to be first responders, they were being heroes, said Sheffield.

The truck driver admitted he was adjusting his radio and not watching the road, according to state troopers

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