HOUSTON -- A Pearland mechanic hopes surveillance video can help catch the thieves who hauled away at least $20,000 in tools and equipment Tuesday night and effectively drove away with his livelihood too.

Roger Robertson works at Hardware Air Conditioning & Heat Supplies located at 1855 Cullen Blvd.

As a mechanic he fixes nearly anything and everything. And anything and everything is exactly what the thieves stole, he said.

Surveillance video shows three thieves driving up in a white van and a white Cadillac Escalade pulling a large flatbed trailer. The thieves enter the machine shop by prying open a steel dead-bolted back door. The camera is motion activated so the next images, time stamped an hour later, show the thieves driving away with the cargo van and the flatbed trailer fully loaded. A washer and dryer and other heavy equipment arevisible on the trailer as the overloaded Escalade hauls them away.

An airless rig there. They stole a washer and dryer and another washer from there. They stole money, the laptop, clothes, my boots. The stole all my Ariat boots. They even stole my bicycle. I mean all the tools. Anything worth a darn they stole, said Robertson. I m pretty mad. I would like these people to be caught before I caught them.

His list of stuff stolen includes generators, tools, floor jacks, and dollies. Another shop next door lost a generator and several laptops too, presumably to the same thieves on the same night.

Robertson discovered the theft several hours later that morning. Pearland police are investigating, but Robertson is also frustrated that it took two hours for him to get a responding officer from the main police station just a mile down the road.

It s freaky. I ve been here a long time. And it s got me to the point I m not going to be here much longer. You can t keep nothing, he said.

The surveillance images are not clear enough to capture license plate images, but Robertson hopes the surveillance images of crooks, who came ready to haul away another man s livelihood, will help lead to their arrest.

I can t get a grasp on...people just don t want to work. They want to steal from people that work. I don t understand that. I ll never understand that, he said.

Anyone who recognizes any of the vehicles or persons in the surveillance video is asked to call the Pearland Police Department.

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