FORT WORTH, Texas Dammion Heard had a lot going for him. And his dad says that proves one thing.

There is no way my son took his own life, said Gary Heard.

More than two weeks ago, Dammion, 20, went missing from the campus of Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado.

His body was found a few days later just outside of town in a field with his car nearby.

That Wednesday is when Gary Heard got a phone call from local police.

He told me my son hung himself, and committed suicide, he said.

On April 2, Gunnison police issued a news release saying Dammion's body had been located, and that No suspects are being pursued at this time.

Gary and his wife Jamie were skeptical from the start.

They said Dammion never indicated even the slightest inclination toward depression, or anxiety.

He had been a standout wrestler at Keller's Fossil Ridge High School and had earned a spot and a scholarship on the team at Western.

He would call us every Saturday, said his mom, Jamie, as she fought back tears.

The couple quickly learned there was more to their son's death than initially thought.

Cell records indicate Dammion was planning to meet up with a female classmate early the morning he disappeared.

Why would he flirt, and do that if he was going off to some field, Gary said.

The Heard's also said Gunnison police admitted to them that Dammion had been involved in a physical altercation at a house party the same night he went missing.

Perhaps most bizarre of all, Dammion can be seen on surveillance footage from a local gas station filling up his Saturn supposedly just minutes before he drove to a field and hung himself.

None of it adds up, said Gary. It all just seemed really fishy.

Gunnison police have refused to discuss specifics of the case.

The lead detective, Chris Danos, told News 8 by e-mail ...the investigation is still active and ongoing.

The Heards said they plan to retain their own attorney and investigators to at least explore their concerns.

If someone could point to something definitive, then fine... I'll believe it, Gary said. But we've yet to hear anything remotely like that.

A Colorado death certificate lists Dammion's cause of death as strangulation by hanging.

The family said the coroner is still awaiting full toxicology results.

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