HOUSTON -- A 13-year-boy was attacked by several dogs in the Pleasant Manor Park in east Houston.

Neighbors apparently had to pull the child away from the animals.

It looked like he was really in pain, he was in tears, said witness Rodney Rodgers. He had cuts on his arms and legs.

Animal control spent several hours chasing the violent pack throughout the neighborhood.

At one point, officers had the dogs cornered, but when they tried to tranquilize them, their tranquilizer gun jammed.

Neighbors around Munn Street say they've been complaining about wild dogs roaming the area for a while and nothing has been done.

The bottom line is the city never comes out here until something happens, said Bryan Haynes.

Animal control officers eventually gave up their search but plan to be back out in the area Friday morning to try and find this pack of dogs.

They believe one of the dogs was in heat and that's why the pack was so violent.

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