SAN ANTONIO -- He preyed on the love of his grandson, said Lori White.

She says her 83-year-old father-in-law thought his grandson was in danger. But it turns out that the grandfather was the one in harm's way.

The victim of a phone scam lives off his Social Security checks and had to scavenge for the money that he thought he was sending to his only grandson.

Turns out the person he thought was his grandson was bogus.

Now, White is warning other potential elderly victims.

It's sad, said White. He can't afford to lose that money.

Her father-in-law was duped out of $6,900.

The alleged scam artist posed as his grandson over the phone.

That was the first call, said White. I'm in prison. I need bail money. So he just got it and wired it there.

But the lie didn't stop there. Apparently the caller posed as his grandson and called again and again.

The next morning called again! said White. He said 'my buddy can't get a hold of his parents. Can you bail him out? I promise to pay you back in the States.'

He called several days later, White said. He said I'm in the hospital and they won't let me leave till I pay my bill.

Little did the 83-year-old know, the caller wasn't in a Mexican jail, he wasn't hurt and he wasn't even on vacation.

Turns out, his real 21-year-old grandson was perfectly fine in Florida, while the stranger on the phone got away with milking him out of several wire transactions.

Now she's urging others to be on guard.

Ask a question that only that person would know, White said.

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