HOUSTON -- Joy Boone had a dream, but for now, it may have to wait because of thieves.

Hopefully they ll get caught, she said. If they don t, karma s going to catch up with them.

For years she has been trying to open a bicycle museum in Houston s Museum District and she has been collecting. But on Monday, some of the most valuable bikes were stolen from right off her land on Crawford Street.

The lock on the storage crate they were in had been cut.

Boone suspects that more than one person was involved and knew which bikes were most valuable. Most of the crates on her property had been broken into, but only bikes and a few tools were taken.

She estimates the loss at around $36,000.

The most irreplaceable item is a bike her daughter-in-law literally rode around the world.

It s an aluminum non-painted frame with all sorts of labels, she said. That is the one we absolutely have to get back.

For now she has posted pictures online and spread the word to bike shops. Her hope is that they can soon be found and returned to a place where they can always be appreciated.

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