HOUSTON The story of a woman named Precious whose home is in need of major repairs touched many hearts in the Houston area.

A big oak tree crashed onto her home during Tuesday s storm and caused major damage. She was worried that her grandchildren would get hurt if the tree wasn t removed.

Miss Precious has suffered from several serious health problems the last few years that have left a big strain on her finances. She s never had the money to repair all of the damage left by Hurricane Ike in 2008.

She works part-time but the money isn t enough to pay all the medical bills much less home repairs.

Miss Precious was deeply touched Wednesday by all of the KHOU 11 viewers who have offered to help her.

The Lord is my helper. He answers Prayers, she said. So I can t say enough about what s going on right now.

Two men who didn t want to be identified showed up at her home Wednesday to trim some of the smaller branches. Their own equipment was recently stolen so they spent a few hundred dollars to replace it so they could help Miss Precious.

Ponce s Tree Services plans to tackle the tricky and expensive job of removing the oak tree that crashed through her roof.

They say the job would normally cost around $2,000 but they re not charging Miss Precious a dime, the owner s son said.

If you'd like to help, e-mail reporter Sherry Williams at

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