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HOUSTON -- Falling tree limbs landed on some power lines Tuesday, leaving thousands of people in the dark including KHOU 11 News Meteorologist David Paul.

I knew the ice was building up on the tree limbs and it was only a matter of time, he said.

Paul forecasts the weather, but he didn t see this coming. At least not in his backyard.

It was 7:45 this morning, I had already hit the snooze bar twice and I was just drifting off to sleep and I heard a loud crack and bang, said Paul. Then I heard the heater turn off.

An icy branch fell on some power lines in his backyard. It not only cut his power, but it blacked out the whole neighborhood.

Before he could make a phone call, Centerpoint trucks began rolling in.

While crews worked to fix the problem, Paul sent his boys to school, and curled up by the fire.

His power was back on by Tuesday afternoon.

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