GALVESTON, Texas Thousands of people filled the streets on the Strand in Galveston Saturday for second weekend of the Mardi Gras celebration, lasting all day and night.

People from different places like Conroe, Houston and even out of state from Las Vegas gathered to honor a long-time tradition. This celebration marked the 103rd time Galveston has hosted Mardi Gras, the event for merrymaking and feasting before Lent.

And of course, gathering as many beads as possible.

Just stand there and wave at them, said one partygoer.

People throw beads from the tops of balconies to people below in the street.

Just wander about. Look around, yell, Beads, beads! said one woman.

There s plenty of food, alcohol and live music. But it s not just for adults; the party is for families and children, too.

We ve been drinking water and coffee and having a good time, said a mother.

I haven t been to one and this is my first time. And it s a really cool experience getting beads and stuff, said a teenage girl named Emily, with her mother.

At 6:30 p.m., the last parade of the day began and the party continued with more live music and fun.

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