KATY, Texas A community in Katy is pleading for something to be done about their neighbor s collection of dogs.

Residents of the Autumn Run subdivision say they ve counted more than a dozen dogs in the backyard and there s more inside the home on Santolina Lane.

According to neighbors, the dogs often escape and terrorize people and pets. In one incident, neighbors say the dogs mauled and killed a smaller dog.

Neighbors said they have called Harris County Animal Control and don t know what else to do.

It s very, very disconcerting, and I wouldn t want to let the kids out by themselves, said Jessica Ostrowski, a mother of three.

Ostrowski and a number of other neighbors believe the dogs are living in a world of neglect.

They look emaciated. There s puppies. They re in the garage. They re in the house. They re in the backyard, and I m worried about them, explained Ostrowski.

The dog s owner disputes claims that his dogs are aggressive and says neighbors have no reason to worry.

They dogs. They re going to be dogs. That s all I can see in them. They re not going to attack nobody, said owner Casey Mackey.

Mackey insists the dogs are well cared for.

He denies allegations from neighbors that he is using the pit bulls for fighting. However, Mackey does admit he is breeding them.

Yeah, I breed them, he said.

Mackey says he s been posting the ads in a community newspaper.

I don t think I want a dog breeder in our backyard, said neighbor Albert Farciert. I don t want to have to rush to the hospital with my child because he got attacked by a dog.

Harris County Veterinary Public Health says animal control officers responded to the home back in November, and then again, on Feb. 24.

Nobody answered the door during either visit so officers left notices out front. Those officers were not able to enter the backyard.

A spokeswoman said officers looked over the fence and counted eight dogs during their first visit.

The dog s owner is being given until Monday to prove that the dogs are vaccinated and registered. Animal control says it will issue a citation if that does not happen.

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