HOUSTON There was not just a cloud over an apartment complex in the 1300 block of Greens Parkway Wednesday, there was also a cloud over the investigation into a triple murder that happened there nearly a year ago.

Anthony Contreras and Elizabeth Mayorga were just 18 years old and visiting their uncle, 36-year-old Cesar Enriquez, when they were all shot to death.

The only survivor was the couple s 5-month-old daughter, Evelyn. Investigators found her tucked away beneath a bed.

It s just the wrong place at the wrong times, said Priscilla Perez, Contreras s sister. They just got back from New York, had only been here two weeks in Houston.

On Wednesday, the Contreras family pleaded with the public for information. They have few leads, no suspects and countless questions.

It s real hard because I mean, cause we have no answers, said Mario Cavazos, Contreras s stepfather.

Because there were no signs of forced entry, police say it is possible that at least one of the victims knew the killer. The bodies were discovered only after Enriquez did not show up for work.

It is not known exactly how long they were there or how long the baby was alone.

She was found with a very soiled diaper so she probably had been there for awhile, said Josh Horn, Houston Homicide Division.

The girl was not harmed. Relatives say she is now in New York and safe.

Horn said detectives have yet to identify a specific motive for the murders.

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