HOUSTON A man has been charged with making a terroristic threat after an alleged incident of road rage escalated with an off-duty Houston police officer.

Investigators say the HPD officer allegedly cut off the man s Chrysler at I-45 and 59 andthe driver became visibly angry.

He stopped his vehicle in the middle of traffic, exited the vehicle and approached the officer s car. He flipped him off, said Sgt. JL Pleasant with the Houston Police Department.

That was not the end of it. Police say the man also made a gun sign with his hand and waved a magazine for an AR-15 before driving off.

The off-duty officer called for backup and pursued him.

He thought it was still this citizen following him, Sgt. Pleasant said.

The officer was in uniform, but his car was unmarked.

When police finally pulled the suspect over at I-10 and Taylor, they say they found two magazines along with the rest of the gun inside his car.

The man now faces multiple charges, including the making of a terroristic threat.

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