LA PORTE, Texas Policefound a body under an overpass in La Porte Monday afternoon.

The body was found near 16th and Fairmont Parkway, but noother details were released.

Equusearch's Tim Miller beileves it is 60-year-old Thomas Bud Yates. The missing man's wife said the clothing fit the description of what he was last seen wearing.

Equusearch volunteershad been in La Porte since last week to look for Yates, who vanished on January 31.

Yates was last seen at his home in the Fairmont Park East Subdivision. A cab driver took him home from a bar around midnight. When Yates went inside to get money, the cabbie said he never returned. After waiting a while, the driver gave up and left.

Relatives didn t realize he was missing until about a week later when his wife called from another state to ask if anyone had heard from him.

They thencalled police to report him missing.

A medical examiner willperform anautopsyto determine the cause of death and confirm if it's Yates.

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