HOUSTON It is not the Sunday gathering the Johnson family had in mind as they waited to hear if their wounded relatives would be OK. Early Sunday morning, Brenda Johnson, her daughter Simone and their friend were shot inside Johnson s southeast Houston home.

Johnson arrived to her home on Tareyton and Duane around 1:30 a.m. to find her ex-boyfriend waiting for her with a gun.

They had just broken up but according to family, he was trying to get back in Johnson s life.

He d been coming by. He came by Valentine s Day and brought her some candy. Today it s a whole new story you know, said neighbor James Leviege.

That story took a horrific turn. According to police, the ex-boyfriend tied Johnson up when he forced her inside and when her daughter, Simone, arrived a short time later,the ex tied her up also.

A male friend of Simone s arrived to the house and heard a struggle inside, so he kicked in the door. That is when the suspect pointed a gun at him and demanded him to come inside, but the friend refused. As the friend turned to walk away, the suspect shot him in the back, then turned the gun on the two women, police said.

He allegedly shot Brenda Johnson in the face, with the bullet entering through her jaw, and shot Simone in the head.

Neighbor James Leviege heard the gunshots and ran over to help.

She was bleeding in the face and he was grabbing at her. And then he hit her in the face with a gun. I ran across the street to holler at him and he turned the gun on me, said Leviege.

The ex got away after jumping over a fence. The three victims were all taken to the hospital.

Their family members spent their Sunday hoping that they would all recover and hoping police would find the man responsible.

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