CYPRESS, Texas -- On Dale Drive in Cypress, they had a problem of the feathered kind.

My wife and I call him Meanie, said Riley Richards.

Meanie was a male peacock owned by Richards' daughter. She brought Meanie and a female peacock home a few months ago and that's when the attacks started.

When you have a big bird up that high and you're coming out the patio door and that bird comes down on you, it's terrifying said neighbor Billie Rumsey.

Rumsey says she has the bruises to prove how mean he really was. He also really had it out for her niece and swooped in for a surprise attack on Thursday.

I heard her screaming and hollering, recalled Rumsey. The bird had jumped off of the roof on to her on to her back got her in the head and scratched all of her back it was all bloody.

That was the last straw.

Rumsey told us animal control couldn't help, a wild bird association couldn't either and a rescue group from Humble couldn't assist for hours.

She called the Harris County Sheriff's Office and a deputy showed up.

The deputy was sitting in his car and I came over and was talking to him and he started attacking me, said Rumsey. At that time, the deputy tased him twice and it didn't even phase the peacock.

No one knew what to do until the owner's husband walked out with a shotgun and asked the deputy for permission to kill the peacock.

Meanie was killed in his neighbor's yard.

Yeah, I didn't wanna see the peacock killed, Rumsey admitted. I was hoping the rescue people would get here and take it.

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