SPRING, Texas -- Donations are coming in for a disabled woman we profiled last week in Spring named Lisa Stapp.

I have always known that Houston is a city with a lot of heart, admitted Lisa.

She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA, a disease that breaks down muscles. Lisa spent most of her waking hours on a computer, but that computer crashed.

Well the motherboard died, she told us. I must have worked it to death. I'm just so hard on my equipment.

Lisa not only earned degrees on that computer but taught classes and was trying to write a book. Losing the lifeline has been tough.

Judi Joseph, her Occupational Therapist from Houston Methodist, started spreading the word about Lisa's computer needs. She was determined to get Stapp help.

There's just something about Lisa that I just wanted to go that extra step, said Joseph.

Another occupational therapist, Sophie Rydin, heard the cry for help.

When I opened her blog, something she said really touched me, Rydin explained. She wrote I don't even know I have a disability.

That was all Rydin needed to read to open her wallet and order Lisa a brand new desktop.

Back in Spring, Lisa was overwhelmed by the kindness.

I didn't know any of this was coming, she said. This has been an interesting and stunning week because I had no idea I would do this to some people.

But she also told us her disease is progressing and is losing feeling in her thumb. To be able to use the new computer, she really needs a mouse controlled by her eyes.

Lisa hopes to buy what's called a Tobii PCEye tracker with donations coming in from viewers. It costs about $2,000.

If you would like to help Lisa too, visit her blog by clicking here. You'll find a PayPal link to make a donation.

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