THE WOODLANDS, Texas Parents and their children packed movie theaters, the mall and other warm destinations as soon as roads warmed up enough Friday to let them escape the Houston area s one-day deep freeze.

By 11 a.m., most bridges, like The Woodlands Parkway off-ramp from the North Freeway, were heavily sanded, ice-free and completely passable.

Eight-year-old Sara Sebesta s family ventured out to Waterway Square next to The Woodlands Mall where icicles still hung from stop signs and the Waterway Square fountain. No school Friday, but a shivering Sarah said she would prefer to be someplace warmer like her classroom at the John Cooper School.

It s not so lovely, said Sarah as she and her family rushed down a 32-degree sidewalk to their car.

The Woodlands-area business owner Nagori Abbas was shivering too, but only because he stepped outside his sandwich shop dressed in a T-shirt, light jacket and sandals.

I have my business behind me and the business is very slow (Friday) and we pray to God that the weather will be good and everybody will be OK, he said with a laugh a shivering laugh.

Multiple car accidents were recorded in The Woodlands and along the stretch of I-45 through Shenandoah early Friday morning. But with temperatures expected to rise quickly into the 60 s Saturday the danger was short-lived.

So Spring homeschooled student Lincoln Hallford made sure he took advantage of his ice-covered backyard trampoline smashing the thin ice layer on top like the Hulk in a video he recorded on his cell phone. The trampoline survived. His skin did not. The experiment ended when he discovered his frozen skin was substantially less durable than the Hulk s.

Area businesses were expected to be operating normal business hours Friday, planning for a substantially colder, but normal Woodlands Friday night.

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