HAYS COUNTY -- Authorities are investigating after detonating a bomb in Hays County.

OnWednesday night APD's bomb squad discovered the device containing four to six pounds of C-4 on a property inHays County betweenKyle and Wimberley.

The Hays County Fire Marshal's Office said constables were serving papers at a home off RM 3237 in the Deer Lake Estates when a homeowner tipped them off about possible explosives at the property next door.

Upon investigating on Tuesday constables discovered an inert grenade.

On Wednesday they found an explosive device in a cave on the same property and called APD's bomb squad.

Four homes were evacuated during the investigation, and people at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church nearby were asked to remain inside.

At 7 p.m. Wednesday the bomb squad detonated the device.

Hays County Fire Marshal Mark Chambers tells KVUE no one was hurt, but the explosion did cause some minor damage to the windows of a nearby home.

It has been confirmed that the device contained the plastic explosive C-4, but the amount has not been determined.

The Hays County Fire Marshal's Office is now investigating to determine whether any charges will be filed.

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