HOUSTON Selfies are out. Felfies are in. Also, check out the GoPro video shot by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. This and more in today s Tech Talk...

== Windows 8 already on the way out? ==
Various websites report that Microsoft is working on another reboot for Windows, and Windows 8 and its tiles will be shown the door. The upcoming operating system will likely be called Windows 9.

== Not selfies, but felfies ==
Have you searched Twitter for #felfies? These are selfies taken with farm animals. The new trend started as part of an online contest but has since found a life of its own on Instagram. If you want to get in on it, don t forget the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is just around the corner!

== GoPro on pro cheerleaders ==
The tiny high-def cameras you can attach to just about anything have been put to good use by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. They attached one of the $300 cameras to a hula hoop as the cheerleaders shot their upcoming swimsuit calendar. Click here to watch the full thing on YouTube.

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