HOUSTON One of the most polarizing in Major League Baseball is in League City. New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was recently suspended for the entire 2014 season.

Rodriguez filed a lawsuit in a US District court against MLB and the MLB Players Union to overturn his suspension for using performance enhancing drugs.

The suspension, as it stands right now, is the longest in MLB history.

Alex Rodriguez made a discreet entrance at his dealership along I-45. The manager of the dealership told KHOU 11 News would not give details as to why he was there, only saying it was for a private event and the media was not allowed to attend.

Sources tell KHOU 11 Sports that it was a charity event.

Rodriguez arrived at the dealership with an entourage just before 4 o clock in the afternoon on Monday and walked directly into a side door. As soon as Rodriguez walked in, employees covered the windows.

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