MONTGOMERY, Texas -- Response at the Kaiserhof Restaurant has been nonstop since our original story aired.

That's when we introduced you to Brittany Mathis, the 19-year old employee with a brain tumor and no medical insurance.

Her boss, Michael De Beyer, plans to pay her medical bills when he sells the restaurant. He can't believe the worldwide reaction.

Overwhelming, De Beyer said. I didn't have time to look at all the response we get.

The story about Brittany seemed to strike a chord with people. She was out sick on the day we went back to follow up on the story but told us this during our original interview.

I have my good days and my bad, said Brittany. I get headaches, sleepy, dizzy.

Her mom Barbara Mathis works at the restaurant too and has been fielding calls and questions since Tuesday morning.

I think people they're curious, said Barbara. They don't understand.

But everyone here has also dealt with the negative reactions. Some believe De Beyer is using Brittany to sell his business and others question his good intentions.

Some people suggested that there might be something going on between you two, said reporter Tiffany Craig.

I read that too and that's sick, responded De Beyer. No, definitely not.

De Beyer admits that he has tried selling his restaurant over the years.

Most recently, it's been on the market since last summer but brittany's new medical emergency means he'll slash the price and try to sell it faster.

The new thing about it, I would receive a lot less money, said De Beyer. So she gets medical, gets taken care of.

Barbara said both she and her daughter are signing up for Affordable Care.

Brittany doesn't know if her tumor is cancerous yet.

If you would like to help Brittany, you can make a donation at any Woodforest National Bank. The account is in the name Michael De Beyer.

Account # 135437895

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