HOUSTON--Willie Young believes he s spent the last two months of his life under fire through social media and at his own home.

I m not a bad person but some people probably feel that I am, said Young. Nobody feels safe. My whole family has left this home and nobody feels safe.

He said they weren t safe because of the gunfire that erupted outside early New Year s Day while his siblings were watching fireworks in the driveway.

They ducked down in the car and then got out to see if they were really shooting at us and they were.

Investigators said the gunmen who were dressed in black ran away. But bullet holes and violence have shadowed young before, at the November house party in Cypress that ended in a mass shooting.

Dozens were hurt and two teens were killed. Young was arrested along with Randy Stewart. But days later the charges against Young were dropped and he walked free.

Investigators have said the house party shooting was gang related. And young fears gang members are targeting his family for retaliation.

That s what I blame it on, he said.

Young s mom has reached out for support.

I m scared for my kids, she said. I m scared for their safety.

A community advocate warned the family was in danger.

Law enforcement must now pull off the gloves and say to this gang, we re going to shut you down by any means necessary, said Quanell X.

Young had a message for the people he thinks are threatening them.

They need to get on their knees and pray, said Young. But as far as hurting other people s family, they need to chill.

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