HOUSTON -- A local couple is blaming a Houston tire shop for ruining their Christmas.

They said workers at Sam's Club damaged the husband's vintage Corvette -- a new gift from his wife.

Nick Scaffidi took the classic car to Sam s Club because it needed new tires.

It s right there by the house, said Jolene Scaffidi. How can you mess up tires?

However, the lift started malfunctioning and an employee got his hand stuck. When another Sam s Club employee came over to get him loose there was extensive damage done to the car s one-shield fiberglass body, according to Nick.

The other employee came over and picked up this whole thing, Nick said. You can t put weight on an old classic car, especially fiberglass.

The damage was not obvious, but there were cracks and loose connections. The repairs will cost between $39,000 - $60,000.

Sam's Club released the following statement:

We are aware of the incident involving Mr. Schaffidi s car and are working toward a positive resolution. An incident report has been filed and it is currently being reviewed by our third party claims administrator. Please keep in mind that the incident occurred just two weeks ago, and it will take a little bit longer for the report to be processed.

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