ROUND ROCK, Texas -- Police detectives are investigating how Round Rock ISD's website was hacked Saturday night.

JoyLynn Occhiuzzi with Round Rock ISD says around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, the system for was hacked, with obscene images and inappropriate messages posted on the district and campus websites.

Round Rock Police detectives are now investigating the crime. Occhiuzzi says that RRISD plans to press charges on whoever made the hack.

Occhiuzzi told KVUE that the district/campus websites are operated by the online company SharpSchool. The district contacted the company about the hack, and by 1:00 a.m. Sunday, the site was disabled.

Anyone trying to access the sites may receive a message reading Due to a site security issue, access to this site has been temporarily disabled.

All of the information for campuses is on the SharpSchool server that was hacked. However, all personal information, like personnel or student files, are housed on an RRISD server, and were not hacked.

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