HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- The good Samaritan who stepped in to help a store clerk being robbed is out of the hospital and telling his story.

Richard Strange stopped at the Valero in the 600 block of Normandy Road Monday night to buy hot dogs.

I was heating up the buns and all I heard was put the [expletive] money in the [expletive] bag right now, recalled the 33-year old father of three.

Strange noticed the gunman was jabbing the gun in the clerk's side and getting more agitated by the second.

Luckily, he also didn't notice Strange standing by the microwave.

He went to raise his arm up and when he went to raise his arm up that's when I said, 'No, no, not on my watch,' Strange said.

Strange momentarily locked eyes with the terrified clerk and jumped into action.

The plan was to push him down choke him out, he said. But we started wrestling and this and that and I think I was so concentrated on the gun. He was able to get the gun out and shoot me point blank right there.

Strange has some broken bones and bullet in his neck. Doctors told him if they take it out, he might be paralyzed.

The word hero has been thrown around for days but Strange doesn't see it that way.

I honestly thought he was gonna kill this man, he said. So I did what I thought every other true- blooded good guy would do.

The gunman got away but the clerk was unharmed.

Strange is recovering and will be out of work until after the new year.

He has a message for other bad guys.

If you see me in the store, don't rob it, said Strange holding up his arms. I don't have a gun. These are my guns right here.

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