DALLAS The American Airlines Center is the site of exhilarating games sometimes painful losses but not on Monday night.

It was the site of one big win.

Thirteen-year-old Bebe Dodd of Crandall is fighting Hodgkin's lymphoma. KISS 106.1 saw a Channel 8 story about Bebe earlier in the fall. and they got to work.

At the radio station's annual Jingle Ball, Bebe met the teenage singing sensation she's been following for years.

Hello Bebe, how are you? said Austin Mahone. So good to finally meet you!

Austin is an up-and-coming superstar with a giant following of teenage girls. Bebe's mother, Amy Trull, says Bebe is his number-one fan.

Bebe and Austin hugged and chatted. He thanked her for being a fan, and told her he was proud of her.

My fans are everything; they're the reason I'm here, Austin told us. They've gotten me so far, and I just feel like I want to give back as much as possible. I love them more than anything.

Bebe, her twin sister, her mom and a dear family friend all got a chance to meet Austin, take pictures with him, and get an autograph. He asked if they were excited to be at the show.

We're more excited to meet you! Trull told him.

As she was standing next to Austin, Bebe modestly said meeting him was like the best day ever!

Austin was clearly touched, and Bebe's mother was, too.

Just feels so good to have her have the best day ever, Trull said. Can you imagine, having the best day ever during cancer treatment? I can't think of anything better. I mean, look at her eyes.

Bebe, who hadn't shed a tear during her diagnosis or during treatment, was crying tears of joy.

At 13, life shouldn't be about doctors and hospitals and chemo and scans. It should be easy. It should be fun.

And for this North Texas teenager on this Monday night, it was.

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