HOUSTON -- Piece by piece, the 8th wonder of the world went into private hands.

On Monday the red, yellow, orange, and blue seats that were once inside the Astrodome left with the thousands of fans who had pre-purchased them in November. They had sold at auction for $200 a pair.

It s just something to hold onto from being a kid, said Joshua Baker, who purchased two seats.

The line at Reliant Center formed early Monday and wrapped around the parking lot. Seats started to be distributed at 7 a.m., and some buyers had strong preferences on numbers and colors.

We want the color yellow because they re the rarest of all the seats, Danny Thames said. It s at the top just below the boxes.

Others already know where they will put their new seats.

Melissa Sprinkle said they are going in her husband s man cave.

I have a swimming pool in the backyard, Angela Van Tassell said. They re going to be bolted next to the pool.

The seat distribution will continue at Gate 8 off the South Loop from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

While many were excited to take home a piece of history, there was still some disappointment.

Last month voters rejected a $217 million bond that would have turned the dome into an event center. Not far from the pickup point, hammers could be heard demolishing the structure s four circular ramps.

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