CYPRESS, Texas -- Neighbors in a Cypress subdivision near Huffmeister Road are keeping a close eye on the hunt for a murder suspect named Colt Morgan.

I don't think he'll come back, said Rosemary Wallace as she looks at the empty house two doors down.

In late October, investigators said Morgan killed her neighbor Wende Marshall. He's accused of burning her body in the fireplace and burying what was left in the backyard.

It smelled so bad, said neighbor Tricia McKie. I could smell it in my bathroom. It went through my walls

The manhunt has led investigators to Leon County to a town called Buffalo where Sheriff Kevin Ellis said he was stopped while walking a rural highway.

Whenever he went to pat him down you know the suspect turned and fought with the officer and ran, said Sheriff Ellis. When he fell forward, the taser wires pulled out and he got up and ran.

Deputies also found a tent made of garbage bags and duct tapes in the woods and believed that's where he was staying, Back in Cypress, neighbors are starting to count the weeks he's been on the run and the ways he's managed to elude authorities.

Morgan recently tried to get a job at a Pizza Hut in Leon County.

He came in just like a regular person, he asked if we were hiring and that was pretty much it, said Pizza Hut manager Jessica Ramirez.

Morgan is considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone will do anything when they're on the run, said Wallace. I mean when they're trying to avoid being caught. Eventually he will be brought to justice or otherwise he will have to be doing this the rest of his life.

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