HOUSTON Those who are looking to either lose weight or not gain it during the holiday season are making use of a little something called Fitbit to track their progress and goals.

For some, the high tech bracelet and accompanying app has become a healthy obsession and competition.

I ve walked 1.391 miles which is low, said Kimberly Walling, who watches her Fitbit numbers like a hawk. I look at it several times a day on the app and then see how many steps I m at.

She said the bracelet gathers data from her daily habits, which she uses to help her manage her calorie intake.

So today I ve eaten 856 calories and I ve burned 1150, Walling said.

Her co-workers are hooked too, and keep a watchful eye on how their diet and activity affects their weight-loss goals.

I check it constantly, Kate Risner said.

Risner said she will even head out and walk if she s not burned enough calories for the day. Although it may seem obsessive, Walling said she wears it everywhere she goes.

I would say try it out because really on certain days you don t realize how much you don t move, she said.

Walling, a self-proclaimed gadget geek, still remembers the moment she first started monitoring her steps.

Wow! I don t move at all. I think my average steps were like 2,000 or 3,000 at work. I didn t realize how much I just sit there, Risner said.

Both Walling and Risner were both so surprised they have drastically changed how much they move and exercise every day. Now they try to take at least 10,000 steps a day.

My patients really like the fact they can actually use the devices and get an accurate measure of what they are doing during the whole day, Dr. John Higgins, with the UT Health Medical School, said.

Higgins said there are several gadgets that are fun to use and can help users lose the pounds. They can be used to track all kinds of workouts.

I ve definitely seen some people particularly people that are interested in drilling down to where the issue is and seeing progressive results as they go along, he said.

Walling said she has a way to go before she reaches her weight loss goal, but she ll keep walking and counting till she gets there.

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