HOUSTON -- A Houston area mother says Tad Costin, the man accused of raping at least 15 young girls, also attacked her daughter years ago.

Authorities began their most recent investigation of the 41 year old less than a week ago, but Jane which is not her real name, reported Costin years ago.

Now Jane is terrified that one of the children Costin videoed or photographed may be her daughter. Investigators will be showing her images from the six hard drives and 80 DVDs of child pornography seized so she will know for sure. Her girl was 5 when she walked in on it all.

In 2010, Jane had dated Costin briefly. The Information Technology worker knew she needed money and he hired her to clean his house. He often encouraged her to bring her daughter over.

He always referred to her as his little girl, Jane said.

On her fifth visit to the house on Derbyshire in Houston, Jane was cleaning downstairs and something made her go upstairs. That's when she saw him on top of her daughter.

He was thrusting on my daughter and had her legs open, Jane said.

Both were fully clothed. She grabbed her daughter and rushed out of the house.

He said, I guess you re mad at me, Jane said. I think he asked if I was going to tell.

She did. Jane called police and Costin was charged with indecency with a child. That charge was eventually dropped.

They did arrest him, but they didn't have enough evidence, Jane said.

That was three years ago. Now in hindsight, what was odd has become terrifying.

In his bedroom he had two different computers hanging from the ceiling -- one on this side of the bed and one on the other, Jane said. He had this thing about swimming. He had a hot tub pool thing inside a shed. He also had a TV inside there with a projector. He had little kids bathing suits. He said it was from his daughter. They had brand new tags on them. His daughter was about 12 then.

With Costin's latest arrest, the nightmare has resurfaced.

I watched the news over and over again for like four or five hours, Jane said.

Her daughter is nine now and recognized him from news reports. She slumped down on the couch, Jane said. She acted really scared.

Her daughter is back in therapy and has never told her mother exactly what happened with Costin. Jane knows what should happen to him.

I think they should give him the death penalty, Jane said.

Costin now has two grown children of his own. On his website, he writes he was not able to be a big part of their lives.

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