DALLAS -- Deborah Brownlee is one of dozens of people who are separated from their clothes by a few panels of glass.

I peeked in the window and I'm like 'Oh my God, all these clothes are in here!' My clothes are in there! And my clothes are expensive, she said.

Her dress and more are stuck inside the Custom Cleaners on Forest Lane at Greenville Avenue. The company closed its doors weeks ago with racks of apparel locked inside.

I bet I've got at least $300 worth of clothes up here, said Beth Provost, who has several pairs of pants being held hostage.

I actually didn't know they closed until my friend called and said he came up to this location and to get his clothes and they were completely shut down, she said.

Provost was using the Custom Cleaners location off Mockingbird. She says she dropped her clothes off there on September 24, just days before the store went dark and the business owner posted a sign telling customers to pick up their clothes at the Forest Lane location between October 1 and 7.

But those who didn't see the sign in time and missed those dates, seem to have missed their chance.

More than a month later, the doors are still locked. So to find some answers, News 8 tracked down the person currently in possession of the Forest Lane property.

He says this is a mess that's just fallen into his lap. He's trying to make good by calling the numbers listed on the receipts of the clothes there, but some people have changed numbers or aren't reachable. He's working with an attorney to figure out the best way to reunite people with their clothes.

We were just angry because we didn't have an opportunity to get anything, said Provost.

But soon she and others should have their items returned, instead of replaced.

I mean I just want my clothes, that's it, Provost said. I just want my clothes.

The man in charge of operating the other Custom Cleaners locations did not respond to request for comment.

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