HOUSTON -- Police said a woman found her elderly parents dead in their west Houston home on Monday evening, but it wasn t immediately clear how the man and woman died. Investigators say the couple had been dead for days.

Police identify them as 86-year-old Robert Broussard and 92-year-old Marie. They were found dead in the same room.

The home is located in the 12000 block of Briar Forest near S. Kirkwood, according to officers with the Houston Police Department.

The daughter of an elderly couple came to check up on them, said HPD Investigator C.G. Cardenas. When she went inside she found that they were deceased. She came outside and asked neighbors for some help, and they called 911.

Neighbors said the daughter had been trying to get in touch with her parents for days.

They were really sweet. They were an elderly couple that kept to themselves. We saw them when they would come out and check the mail, said neighbor Laura Clendenen.

Neighbors said the daughter was traumatized. She had been trying to help them.

She wanted to get them into an assisted living, but of course they were stubborn in their ways and didn t want to move, Clendenen said. They did the best that they could. They loved each other and I think were married for 64 years.

There were no visible wounds or other signs of trauma on the bodies. Investigators also said there appeared to be no signs of forced entry into the home.

An autopsy will determine the cause of death.

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