RICHMOND, Texas -- It's that time of year when folks have frightful things on their minds, but if you want a legitimately spooky experience any time of the year, visit the Richmond Police Department station.

It's said to be so haunted that even some officers are afraid to go into certain parts of the building.

There are some officers who would rather not go upstairs by themselves at night, said Master Sgt. Lowell Neinast, the public relations officer for the Richmond Police Department.

He has given tours of the department for 12 years.

We've heard people, sounds like little kids running upstairs. There's no one upstairs, said dispatcher Christina Carr, who has worked the overnight shift for years.

Carr said recently she heard a voice over the intercom say, Get out!

No one else was in the building at the time.

The Richmond Police station was built in 1897. It used to be the county jail. Folks pay $20 for a walking ghost tour of Richmond that includes a stop at the allegedly haunted police station.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the sheriff lived on the first floor of the jail. Prisoners occupied the basement, second and third floors. The jail was segregated with black inmates in the basement and white and Hispanic inmates upstairs, Neinast said.

A gallows still stands in the building where they used to hang prisoners inside the jail.

Neinast said a medium went into the basement recently and before anyone told her anything about the place she had a revelation.

She came down here, went into the basement and froze and was staring at the back wall, Neinast said. And (she) said, 'I'm getting an image of somebody shackled being beaten.'

He said that's exactly what used to happen on the back wall.

I did not feel that we were alone in that jail, down there in the basement. You could just feel the presence of some poor souls that were there, said tour participant Linda Douglass.

It was just weird being down there, said tour participant Kristin Jacobus, who added she had no desire to make a return visit.

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