NEW YORK -- Macy's Inc. sparked a controversy Monday when it announced that its 800 stores would be open Thanksgiving night for the first time ever.

Later that day a Facebook page called Say No To Shopping On Thanksgiving popped up, asking people to pledge that they will spend time with their families on Thanksgiving instead of getting their Christmas shopping done early.

Everyone deserves a holiday, the pledge says.

Within four days pledge had been shared nearly 120,000 times.

While the majority of commenters on the page noted that they would rather be home with family, many KGW viewers, KENS 5's sister station, pointed out the other side of the story: Some people prefer to work in retail stores on Thanksgiving.

Some employees VOLUNTEER to work because they get paid double time or they aren't with their family for some reason, said Leslie Martin.

People also said they need to save a little money on shopping and the Black Friday deals are worth skipping out on Thanksgiving dinner early.

So far this year, Macy's and J.C. Penney have been the only major chains to announce that they will open their doors before the Black Friday shopping frenzy begins.

Last year Kmart, Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and Sears also opened Thursday evening. Other stores, like Best Buy, Old Navy, Costco and Kohl's opened at midnight.

Some stores in Portland are offering alternatives to Big Box shopping, and asking that people buy locally at Little Boxes.

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