SPRING, Texas -- A string of mystery trucks dumping liquid into the sewers has a Spring neighborhood wondering what is going on.

It's normally pretty quiet in Dove Meadows at least until recently.

Sometimes you see them in the morning. Sometimes you may see them in the afternoon, said Brenda Hayes.

They are 18 wheel tanker trucks and at least for a while they came a lot.

Every day from 7 in the morning to 5 or 6 at night, said Archie Seber

Seber said they would park right in front of his house, hook up hoses and dump right into the sewer manhole.

They left their hoses there and would come back every day and when you talk to them they would say, Oh, it is just water, it is just water. Don't worry about it,' Seber said.

The residents are worried.

'It's a mystery, Seber said.

Brenda Hayes lives around the corner.

You just kind of wonder what is in the truck and why he is putting it into the ground, Hayes said.

In the past few days, the Dove Meadows Homeowners Association has told its members in an e-mail that the municipal utility district has a contract to dispose material from a neighbor, the massive Exxon development just up the road.

That project has long been shrouded in mystery, the tops of its buildings only recently visible from outside the gates.

We haven't received notices or explanations what it might be. That is the biggest concern, Hayes said.

According to TNGUtility that runs the system, the water is being trucked from the new Exxon facility that is under construction. It is wastewater used to flush pipes on that site.

It is being brought to the Meadowhill Municipal Utility District until it's own utility is up and running fully.

TNG said it is following all Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Rules and Regulations.

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