PASADENA, Texas Two more young victims have come forward to say an El Lago man sexually abused them.

A 17-year-old girl told Pasadena police that Frank Distefano lured her to a hotel when she was 13 by telling her he would help her with her math homework. Instead, he sexually abused her.

Distefano, 36, was arrested over the weekend and charged with sado-masochistic abuse of a 10-year-old girl.

Distefano tricked his young victim into leaving a party with him last month by saying he wanted to talk with her about a birthday present, according to court documents.

He allegedly took the girl to an upstairs bathroom and locked the door.

The girl later told her mother Distefano said he wanted to buy her a Hello Kitty sleep mask but he needed to get the right size. He then put a black silk mask over her eyes.

According to court documents, Distefano put a round plastic item in the victim s mouth. He told her he wanted to buy his Goddaughter something similar and was trying to determine the correct size. The girl described what police believe was a mouth ring, a device used inS&M to keep a person s mouth open.

The suspect then bound the girls hands with Velcro and said he was going to take her picture.

About that time, the 10-year-old s mother got worried and started looking for her. When she knocked on the bathroom door, Distefano allegedly told her he and the girl would be out in a few minutes.

When the mother confronted Distefano, he told her he did something that was against his better judgment, according to documents.

He was later jailed and released on a $30,000 bond. He was arrested again Tuesday night after the 17-year-old and another girl called police and told them Distefano had done something similar to her -- only worse. She said he sexually assaulted her.

Distefano s attorney said he s innocent, but Pasadena police believe there may be more victims. They think Distefano has been abusing girls for years.

His neighbors were shocked by the allegations.

That s scarring little girls for life, stealing their innocence away from them, that s the worse you can do, said Amanda Alexander, who lives near Distefano. 

I m speechless. That is an abomination to the way God created us said Scott Hansen, a neighbor.

They re vulnerable, innocent, they believe anything. If you have a Hello Kitty mask or something like that, they re going to be drawn to that, said Amanda Alexander, another neighbor.

Police hope other possible victimswill contact them.

Distefano is jailed on a $500,000 bond.

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